About Us

HEAL Raising Our World Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to raising our world, one child at a time. Jennifer Musick Wright founded HEAL in 2007 after she discovered the plight of children in Africa as a result of the AIDS pandemic.

“The first time I traveled to Africa, I volunteered at an orphanage in Zimbabwe.  I was immediately inspired by the care of the orphans and by the couple who spent their lives nurturing them. I didn’t know then how my life would be changed by my experience and by the children at this orphanage. Since then, my spirit has been moved with the desire to do more for the children in Africa. Two years after my first trip, I traveled to Kenya. I had the opportunity to volunteer at a state run orphanage.

I was shocked by the appalling conditions I witnessed. It broke my heart to see the children suffering. My experience with the children in the home transformed my passion into a dream. My dream was to build an orphanage in Kenya where children would be nurtured and given the opportunity to realize their hopes and dreams for the future.

Eight months after my experience in Kenya, I founded a non-profit organization called HEAL Raising Our World Foundation, Inc. (formerly HEAL the Children Foundation, Inc.) HEAL seeks to support and empower destitute, delinquent, abandoned, and neglected children and adolescents who live throughout the developing world.

We believe that every child, no matter what race, ethnicity, or social class, has the right to proper Healthcare, Education, Ample Nutrition, and Love. To ensure that every child has equal opportunities, we design, implement and support orphanages that encompass the HEAL philosophy. Every home built will be a positive environment where children can grow surrounded by hope and love. The children of the world matter and we want to show them that we care. Join HEAL; make a difference in a child’s life today.

Together we can raise our world, one child at a time.