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Photo of Samantha

Samantha Njeri

Samantha's mother passed away. She and her sister, Martha, were left in the care of their father. He frequently left them alone for long periods of time in unsafe areas. A children's officer rescued them and brought them to Rapha. Now, Samantha enjoys learning biology and wants to be a doctor. In her free time, she enjoys singing.

Rapha Community Centre
Nyahururu, Kenya
January 01, 2005
Rapha High School
Form 3 (11th Grade)

Samantha's Unmet Needs

Basic Needs

Your monthly sponsorship will provide for your child's food, clothing, a school uniform, medical care and adult care for your child.

Secondary School

This child has qualified for Secondary School, which is a huge accomplishment in Kenya! Your monthly sponsorship will go towards your child's school fees and school supplies. This gift will make a dream come true and give this child the chance for a much brighter life!

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Total required to fully sponsor Samantha: $39